Small Business Solutions

Basic Website Creation + Hosting

If you are just getting started or would like to revamp your old website, this is the perfect option for your business. Projects on the Basic Website plan our built on the GoodBarber platform. This platform provides clients an easy to use dashboard to edit and manage their website content. After your website is built and live we will continue to provide technical support for (30) days at no additional cost. Pricing

  • One-Time Fee: $350-$950 Fee varies based on complexity of your project
  • Monthly Subscription: $30 is one of our projects which was built on this platform. Note: The Arvada App also is available as a mobile app on the App Store & Google Play which is an additional cost. For more details, view our mobile app services.

Wix Website Creation

Wix is a cloud-based web development service which offers countless and is ideal for business who plan on their clients doing most of their viewing on a desktop computer. These sites are fully mobile compatible, but function best on a full screen. Pricing for these sites can range based on all the features you select. We will meet with you to discuss all of the options and associated costs so you can make an informed decision on what best fits the needs of your business while being cognizant of your budget. Regardless of the features or cost of your project, we will continue to provide free technical support for (30) days after we launch your website. Pricing:

  • One-Time Fee: $1,200-$2,500
At the conclusion of your project we will transfer the ownership of your site back to your Wix account. You will pay Wix directly for monthly hosting and other associated fees collected by Wix.

Mobile App + Progressive Web App

A mobile app + progressive web app package includes working with you to create a customized mobile application and a web-based version of the app. Whether you are looking to have an online store, a digital loyalty card or starting a business, this will allow you to reach the largest number of customers. Pricing:*

  • One-Time Fee: $450-$1,200 Fee varies based on complexity of your project
  • Monthly Subscription: $75
The Arvada App shows a variety of the features available to your business and what we can do to customize and make your project work perfect for you. You can find The Arvada App on the App Store, Google Play and at * Apple and Google both require you to have a developer account in order to publish your project on their platforms. These accounts are paid yearly (Apple $99/Google $50) directly to them.