Law Enforcement Agency Mobile App

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

This service includes building, launching and hosting your agencies mobile application which will be available to the public through the Apple App Store, Google Play as well as through a web-based version.

Available Features

  • News: Quickly publish stories, including pictures, video and other file types. During the design of your agency's application, these can all be customized as well as establish a work flow for new content to be posted.

  • Notifications: One of the most useful functions for apps is sending notifications. These can configured to send automatically when a new item is published by an administrator and also scheduled.

  • Resources: Link members of the community with self-service options which your agency already provides, such as online reporting.

  • Social Media Integration: Link your agency's Twitter account so anyone with your agency's mobile app can review content synced with Twitter, even they don't have an account.

  • Other features include: Maps, Live Streaming Connections, Email Forms, Statistic Dashboard & More

Our mobile application projects are managed exclusively through a customized agency dashboard supported by GoodBarber. GoodBarber hosts approximately 30,000+ mobile applications, with over 40 million downloads yearly and they are a trusted partner to provide the infrastructure which allows your agency to mange and launch your project.

The pricing for an agency mobile application is broken into two categories, the one-time build fee and then a monthly subscription to keep your project live and available to users.

One-time Build Fee: $2,950, which includes:

  • Design: Working with your agency to design the look of your project, which includes everything from the text and colors to adding all of your desired functionality.

  • Launch: Publishing your project to the Apple App Store and Google Play so it can be download by the public. In addition, a web-based version of the project will be published. Note: Apple ($99) and Google ($50) both require an annual fee to publish applications to their platforms and this fee is the responsibility of your agency.

  • Training: Designated members of your agency will be added to the online system so they can mange the content and notifications. Your agency will receive training and reference materials on how to mange your project.

Monthly Subscription: $215, which includes:

  • Agency Support: Technical support for any issues or questions, in addition to assisting with an adjustments and feature additions.

  • Project Updates: As technology changes and devices are updated, Apple and Google both periodically require updates which requires your project to be re-submitted to both for approval and continued publication/availability.

  • Hosting: Continued access to the agency dashboard as well as any associated fees with hosting the domain names for your agency's web-based version.

Please feel free to download and review this project completed for the Boulder Police Department. Their mobile app is available on the App Store, Google Play and at

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