During my time working with law enforcement, I have learned the hardest obstacle of any project is getting a member of command staff or the jurisdictional staff to sign off. This is no different with the idea of launching a mobile application for your jurisdiction. The number one question you may be asked is why, why do we need a mobile app.

If the past several years have taught law enforcement agencies nothing else, events across the United States have emphasized the importance of communication. Gone are the days of emailing a press release and allowing news agencies to pick and choice what or how they report this information to the community. Through the use of social media and increased availability such as mobile apps, agencies can now provide news and safety information directly to community members.

As published by analytics.usa.gov (2020), there were approximately 5.80 billion visitors to government websites during a 90-day period between November 2020 and January 2021. These visitor statistics are further broken down by device and operating system being utilized by the user. 


Mobile: 55.6%

Desktop: 42%

Tablet: 2.3%

Operating System

iOS: 35.2%

Android: 22.3%

Windows: 30.5%

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